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In my Self-Care Rituals Guide, you will learn:
  • The 11 daily rituals I practice to create mindfulness and maintain balance in my life
  • How I use essential oils daily for optimal mood, energy, and hormone support
  • How to enhance yoga, meditation, green smoothies, sleep, and more with oils
  • 9 Essential Oil Recipes to use during your rituals, including diffuser blends, green smoothie recipes and personal care!

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"Dr. Mariza's morning routine completely changed my life! I am more focused and energized at work, especially after my 5 minute mediation and green smoothie.  The big transformation for me was using essential oils to really give me the energy boost I was missing before I started my work day."
Sandra Doyle, FL


"Using essential oils before going bed helped me to overcome my inability to sleep most nights.  I also love the shower ritual that Dr. Mariza recommended.  It helps me to overcome stress in the evening.  These are healing rituals that I will continue to use for many years."

Debra Wilson, PA


"I didn't realize how much I needed rituals in my life until I started with Dr. Mariza's therapeutic bath ritual.   I appreciate how simple it is to incorporate these rituals into my daily routine.  They have made a huge difference on my stress levels.  I feel like I can sleep soundly without the constant mental chatter and I have more energy throughout the day."
Julie Stine, TN

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