Pamela, 52, San Rafael, California

By the time I got to day 14 of the detox, I lost eight pounds and was shocked by how much my mood shifted.
My hormones were completely out of whack when I started the Hormone Detox. I had crushing fatigue, I felt depressed and I’d gained about 25 pounds out of nowhere. I was very unhappy and I felt betrayed by my body. I’d tried so hard to do the right things, but nothing seemed to work. Especially when I got depressed.

I joined the detox to jump start my metabolism, lose weight and get a little more energy back. The first five days of the detox were the hardest. At first, I had less energy and only lost two pounds. But I was desperate for something — anything — to work. And two pounds was a decent start. By the time I got to day 14 of the detox, I lost eight pounds and I was shocked by how much my mood shifted. I was happier and had more energy throughout the day than I had in the last ten years! I didn’t think that I would never recover my energy levels, but here I am, running again and loving it. I am going to continue the 14-day detox for another 14 days! I look forward to losing the next 8 pounds!

Cheryl, 54, Springfield, Colorado

Most of my cravings have gone away and I lost six pounds, which was an added plus
I hate to say it, but the truth is before the detox? I was an emotional eater. I’d sit at my desk and work such long hours that I let myself have whatever I wanted to get through it (I never left the office before 7 pm). I craved carbs, sugar, and at least two to three diet sodas each day. More than anything, I wanted to be able to reach for different choices at work, and I really wished I wasn’t so run by my cravings. Weekdays after 3 pm were the worst for me. I nearly gave up multiple times.

But the things I learned from Dr. Mariza about Peppermint Essential Oil helped me manage temptation. Now I always have some at my desk. Most of my cravings have gone away (thankfully,) especially the mid-afternoon chocolate and sweet-tooth cravings. I lost six pounds, which was an added plus. The detox gave me a new perspective on how to eat and conquer cravings without feeling deprived.

Ellena, 39, Ogdensburg, New York

My late night cravings were gone and my memory got better — despite incredible work stress
When I found the Hormone Detox, I was at my wit’s end. I didn’t know what else to do and I knew I needed to do something — fast. I gained almost eleven pounds over the course of three months, despite running three miles four or five times a week. I also could never get to sleep at night because I was always so anxious. Night anxiety is something I’ve always struggled with, but it got worse when there was a round of layoffs at work. To get through it, I drank iced coffee in the mornings and most afternoons. But instead of having more energy, I kept forgetting little things, like where I parked the car or things we just discussed at the last meeting.

My biggest challenge with the detox was the self-care piece. It was the most I could do to take multiple breaks during her work day. Within two weeks, I had more energy, especially in the evenings after work. I lost five pounds and felt less stressed at work, especially after taking five-minute breaks with my Bergamot and Lavender essential oil blend. My late-night cravings were gone and my memory got better. Now I can’t imagine my life without these wonderful oils! I love incorporating them into my day, especially while I am working. I feel confident knowing that I have the tools and a plan to get my body back on track. I am heading in the right direction.

Deborah, 47, Amarillo TX

I’m finally sleeping through the night and have control over my metabolism
I had an active life that I loved but I was always tired. I worked full time as a project manager and volunteered at my church on the weekends. But I was always tired because I never really slept at night. I’d go to sleep and then wake up at two, three, or four in the morning and never really get back to sleep. I also wanted to lose some weight but it never seemed to go away, no matter how little I ate. The 14-Day Hormone Detox and self care rituals helped me reset my metabolism and helped regulate my energy levels throughout the day.

Initially, I struggled to give up coffee, but I knew I had to if I wanted to stop feeling wired and tired. By day ten, however, I was sleeping a solid seven hours each night and no longer needed coffee the way I used to. I also lost six pounds. I think it was because I had less coffee with less sugar to help me get through my 10-hour work days. I love that I am sleeping through the night and overall, I feel like I have more control over my metabolism and hormones. I know exactly what to eat and drink to keep myself full while still losing weight without being so tired. The Essential Oils Dr. Mariza shared with us, helped me lower my stress levels during the day, which in turn meant my body was holding less of the extra pounds.