Your Number One Root Cause Is:

Liver Imbalance or Sluggish Liver

Why This Matters for You

When it comes to supporting your hormone health, it all begins in the liver. Your liver plays a critical role in eliminating harmful excess estrogen from your body that can wreak havoc on your delicate hormone balance, leading to estrogen dominance, painful symptoms, and even cancer.

Your liver’s primary job is to act as a filter for toxins, cellular waste, excess hormones that need to be removed from your body. If you’re not actively focusing on supporting your liver, it IS suffering.

Read that again. There’s a reason for the way you’re feeling, and there IS a way to turn it around naturally!

If you’re dealing with…

  • Digestive distress, constipation, and bloating
  • Sluggish energy all day and trouble sleeping at night
  • Feeling hungover after only 1 or 2 glasses of wine
  • Brain fog that makes it hard to focus
  • Belly fat you can’t shake, no matter what you try
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Skin issues like eczema, dry skin, or age spots
  • Chronic infections and feeling like you’re always battling a cold
  • Cravings, especially mid-afternoon or late at night
  • Anxiety, depression, and unstable moods
  • Symptoms of estrogen dominance, including fibrocystic breasts, fibroids, intense PMS, heavy periods, and more

… it’s guaranteed that some extra liver support will be the turning point to restoring your health and energy ASAP!

Recommendations for Supporting Your Liver

What I recommend starting with: my Liver Support Essentials Bundle

This bundle includes:

Essentially Whole® Magnesium Restore
Magnesium is essential for neutralizing and eliminating estrogen from your body. Plus, it enhances sleep and reduces stress so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Essentially Whole® Activated B Complete
B vitamins protect your liver from damage and are key players in both major phases of detoxification. Activated B Complete is already methylated (activated), which means it’s easier for your liver to put to use immediately.

Essentially Whole® Liver Support
This is my own custom formula of optimal liver-loving ingredients that will keep this vital organ working its best for years to come, while kickstarting Phase II detoxification (which ensure the junk gets OUT)!

If you are ready to take it a step further and focus on a complete liver reset,
I recommend my 14-Day Liver Detox Kit.

The Essentially Whole® 14-Day Detox Kit includes detox drink packets and liver detox supplements that are pre-portioned and ready to fit into even the busiest schedule. This simple kit sets you up for a complete 14-Day liver detox to support phase 1 and 2 detoxification, remove liver congestion, quickly relieve your symptoms, and get you started back on the road to healthy hormones, energy, sleep, digestion, and so much more!