UPDATED KIT: Note, I have updated the kit from the one mentioned in the webinar, in order to save you money with the same results.  The new kit below includes the new MetaPWR Metabolic Blend (replacing Slim and Sassy and Tangerine) and includes an additional $30 discount for a total price of $106 before tax and shipping.  I'm so excited about this new oil and I know you will be too! - Dr. Mariza

Increase energy and focus throughout the day, without taking any synthetic drugs or pills

Dr. Mariza's Hormone Solutions Kit

  • Eliminate stress and anxiety in a matter of seconds
  • Say goodbye to hot flashes, mood swings and PMS symptoms
  • Stop sugar cravings in their tracks
  • Get an instant energy & focus boost any time you need it
  • Enjoy deep restful sleep and long-lasting energy throughout the day 

“I’ve been using the supplements and oils for 30 days now and I am very impressed by the results so far. Initially I was very skeptical because I have tried so many things to control my hot flashes, lose the extra weight and get better sleep. I’ve struggled with sleep issues for years and knew it was related to hormones. Dr. Mariza provides everything you need to feel confident using essential oils for daily usage. The protocols were easy to follow and she always got back to me with any questions. This kit will change your life, like it changed mine.” 

Diana Clark (New Hope, PA)

Featuring 4 Hormone-Loving Essential Oils


ClaryCalm is a blend of essential oils traditionally used to balance hormones and manage symptoms of PMS and transitional phases of menopause.


This is my on-the-go solution to life's stressful moments. When feeling fatigued or having difficulty staying on task, this helps me create a sense of balance.


This is my "get-stuff-done" oil! I use it every time I need to focus, need more energy. Say goodbye to brain fog and get more done!


MetaPWR is a blend of 5 essential oils that help to support the metabolic system, including decreased appetite and increased exercise performance, and supporting weight management goals.

All orders placed within the first 24 hours get 2 Bonus Essential Oil Guides (Valued at $49):

Dr. Mariza's Top 11 Self-Care Rituals w/ Essential Oils

Dr. Mariza's 50 Everyday Essential Oil Uses Guide

Add the Sleep & Mood Bundle and get an additional $30 in free oils
Get 2 Bonus Handmade EO Blends


The ultimate sleep and relaxation solution! Serenity lessens tension and calms the mind and emotions.


doTERRA Serenity Restful Complex will help you get the refreshing sleep you need without leaving you feeling groggy and sleepy the next day.


Use the Peace Blend to reduce anxiety, promote contentment and composure and for a restful night's sleep.


Apply to the neck and shoulders to release tension, calm emotions,  and promote feelings of relaxation.

+ Your Additional Bonuses:
Superwoman + Instant Energy 5 mL EO Blends ($30 Value)*

Only $122.00 Additional for the Sleep & Mood Support Bundle (Paid Next Month)

Set up your first Loyalty Rewards Order with the Sleep & Mood Bundle (ships and charges on the 5th) and get these two bonus oils.  Your Loyalty Rewards Order will be set to ship on the same day of each month, and you change the items in your order or cancel your order at any time.

* Superwoman and Instant Energy Bonuses are only for orders within the United States.  All digital bonuses still apply for international customers.

You will be charged $106.00 + Local Tax/$6.99 Shipping Today, and on the 5th of next month, you will be charged $122.00 + Tax/Shipping

* Physical bonuses cannot be mailed outside the U.S.
International customers will receive Dr. Mariza's Self-Care Essential Oil Rituals Guide in its place.

All Purchases Will Get These 6 Bonuses With Your Kit! **


So you don't feel lost once you get your oils, I have put together a daily Hormone Rescue Protocol that will guide you through which oils to use in your self-care routine and how often.


You will immediately be added to our secret "Minnows" page for essential oil beginners. It will teach you new ways to use your oils and there are hundreds of oil experts answering questions daily!


Introducing new people to doTERRA Essential Oils and their everyday uses for the most common oils. 


Designed to help you incorporate your new oils into your daily routine, including recipes and ideas and uses for the oils throughout your entire home.


To ensure you get the most from your oils, you will get a personalized consultation with one of Dr. Mariza's Essential Oil Coaches, to customize your own personal wellness plan.


As part of my Essential Oil Tribe, you will constantly be supported! Every month, I will host a live Q&A call for everyone in my Tribe to get their questions answered directly from me. These calls will also be recorded and accessible at anytime.

** This promotion and bonuses only applies to NEW doTERRA wholesale customers.  If you already have a doTERRA wholesale account, you can purchase these oils through your own account. 

The Hormone Solutions Kit is for any woman who needs the full support to manage and balance hormones. This kit is ideal for women looking for solutions to challenges of menopause or perimenopause.

Purchase This Kit Today and Receive:

=> Personal Consultation ($99 Value)

=> A Wholesale Membership with 25% off for 1 year ($35 Value)
=> The doTERRA Live Guide

=> Healthy Can Be Simple Essential Oil Guide
=> Access to our Secret Essential Oil Beginners Facebook Group

=> Monthly Essential Oil Continuing Education Calls

+ Your Hormone & Essential Oils Self-Care Daily Oil Protocol ($49 Value)

“Dr. Mariza’s premise is simple: Use essential oils, nutrition and key supplements to support your overall wellbeing. I followed the protocols from this kit for 60 days and felt incredible improvement with my chronic fatigue, cravings and night sweats. I can’t imagine not having these essential oils in my life!”

Kathy Hughes (Arlington, TX )

“For over five years I suffered from hormone issues, but didn’t understand what was going on with me. I just didn’t feel right. Taking the supplements and the Clary Calm and Balance essential oils everyday shifted everything in my body. I regained energy I didn’t think I had anymore. I started exercising again, lost 10 lbs and felt happier overall, which is something I lacked for a long time. I highly recommend these products!”

Pamela Sanders (Tampa, FL)

** This promotion and bonuses only applies to NEW doTERRA wholesale customers.  If you already have a doTERRA wholesale account, you can purchase these oils through your own account. 

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