Everything You Need to Know to Create a Chemical Free, Healthier Home.

Create Transformational Health For Your Family Without Guessing About Safety Even if You Don’t Know Anything About Essential Oils


Finally... All natural solutions to keep your family healthy.

Are you or your children constantly sick?

Learn how to make Essential Oils your first line of defense for low immunity. As non-toxic, plant-based solutions, they’re designed to enhance your body’s natural ability to handle allergies, colds and flu.

Do you wonder if something in your food (or home) stops you from getting well?

Know how to keep your home free of harsh chemicals and eliminate the free radicals that damage immunity and compromise health. This course will give your kitchen and medicine cabinet a natural health makeover to help you heal and stay healthy.

Do you want green cleaning and beauty products that are chemical-free?

Never guess about safety again. If you want to cleaning and beauty products that you know are safe for you and your children, Essential Oils 101 is for you.

Do you want to learn recipes so you know how to use Essential Oils safely?

If you’ve been bogged down by the amount of information on the web about Essential Oils and want recipes and instructions to keep you safe, sign up now.


The must-have Essential Oil solutions you need for household emergencies, green-cleaning and better health.
Remove Toxins From Your Medicine Cabinet

Get rid of the toxic drugs and their side effects TODAY so you can improve your family’s health today naturally.

Get The Chemicals Out of Your Kitchen

Learn exact recipes for chemical-free cleaning to fully disinfect your home; kitchen, bathroom and everywhere else.

Learn Safe Natural Remedies The Average Doctor Won’t Teach You

Learn Essential Oil recipes and remedies as healthy alternatives to western medicine that are safe for your home and entire family.

Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Get to Sleep

(Without Sugar or Netflix.) Detailed Recipes with exact measurements for greater relaxation, well-being and general health.

Safely Fix Your Mood And Hormones

Learn which oils to use safely if you’re pregnant, nursing, or in menopause, to relieve symptoms and support healthy hormonal balance.

Increase Focus (for you & your kids)

Medication isn’t your only option if ADD, ADHD, or concentration is a challenge. You can help your brain focus naturally; this course shows you how.

About Dr. Mariza

Dr. Mariza Snyder is the author of the best-selling book: The Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils.  She has helped thousands of women makeover their homes and family's health with all-natural essential oils.

Dr. Mariza is a passionate wellness practitioner and public speaker with over 8 years of experience focusing on women's hormone health. She leads a community of women who educate about nutrition, detox programs, self-care rituals and essential oils. She graduated Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West in 2008 and has a background in biochemistry and certifications in nutrition and aromatherapy.

Dr. Mariza became passionate about women’s health and natural solutions after her own health crisis. Through essential oils, whole foods and self-care practices she was able to heal her adrenal dysregulation, fatigue and chronic migraines related to hormone imbalance.  Her mission is to take the guesswork out of using essential oils and empower YOU to take care of your family's health with powerful natural solutions.

“You are the Boss of Your Healthcare!”

Dr. Mariza Snyder

What You Get with Essential Oils 101


  • Watch anytime
  • Yours for life
  • Less than 30 min. each


Quick reference guides for the essential oils covered in the course, their benefits and usage information.


Know exactly how much of which oils to use to make natural remedies for safe cleaning products, immunity and common household emergencies.

What You Will Create

When you say YES to helping your body with Essential Oils, you will create:

  • A daily routine and healthy habits with essential oil remedies and recipes.

  • Cheaper, more effective healthcare solutions with essential oils.

  • Specific solutions to everyday issues.

  • On-the-go remedies for everyday emergencies: headaches, energy, stress, digestive.

  • Immediate results with detailed and directed remedies.

  • A non-toxic home for yourself and your family.

  • A transforming lifestyle so that EOs become a daily habit.

  • Specific solutions, recipes, and protocols for ailments.

  • Peace of mind about your family’s healthcare options.

  • Valuable, cost-effective solutions to confidently become a healer in your own home.

  • 100% confidence in your ability to provide real results around everyday health issues.

What People are Saying...

From the course, I was able to change the way I clean the house, my skin care health, and my husbands! There was even improved balance to my hormones.

Chava S., NM

I learned I wasn't diluting my Essential Oils enough which made a huge difference in the effect they had. Dr. Mariza shared amazing blends that  help​ed my hormones, replaced chemical filled lotions and that made green-cleaning easy and healthy. Thank you Dr. Mariza!

​Kristen Gallegos, CO

Using essential oils before going bed helped me to overcome my inability to sleep!

Debra Wilson, PA

Is Essential Oils 101 Right for You?


    • Anyone who wants to know where to start with Essential Oils by learning from a trained medical professional

    • Women who need safe, natural solutions for their families

    • Those who want cheaper and safer healthcare options

    • Families who want less chemicals in their kitchen and medicine cabinet

    • Anyone looking for natural remedies for stress, mood and sleep

    • Women who want to safely use Essential Oils to assist with hormonal balance

    • Families who want specific recipes and tailored solutions using Essential Oils


    • Those who are looking for a magic bullet: Essential Oils will absolutely help, but if you are seeking a quick fix, you must understand that oils are designed to support the body’s natural healing process. However, Essential Oils are the fastest-acting natural solution available.

    • People who doubt the power of Essential Oils and natural health: Essential Oils can and will work for you, but you need to be willing to try them before you judge them to see for yourself.

  • People who refuse to follow instructions, ever: Essential Oils are extremely powerful and some aren’t to be ingested or placed directly on skin. Luckily, you’ll receive clear recipes so you know exactly what to do with the oils for maximum benefit.

Try Essential Oils 101 for 30 Days, Risk-Free!

If you’re on the fence… Or if all of the competing information about essential oils has left you skeptical... Or you're just not sure these solutions will work for YOU... you can still sign up RISK-FREE.

I am very confident that these solutions will work for you, as they have worked for thousands of other women and families. However, if they are not what you were expecting, or you don't get the desired results, I will refund 100% of your money.

This guarantee is extended for a full 30 days, which covers the duration of the entire course. Just make you sure try the ENTIRE course. If for any reason you don't feel this program is a fit, just email orders@drmariza.com anytime within the next 30 days, and we will refund you 100% of your payment.

Dr. Mariza Snyder

When you enroll, you'll receive these FIVE bonuses worth over $300

Hormone Masterclass ($100 Value)

Get access to my in-depth WOMEN'S HORMONE MASTERCLASS.  This exclusive webinar features 60 minutes of jam-packed content on how to balance your hormones naturally, using essential oils, self-care, nutrition, supplements and more.  You'll learn my daily hormone protocol for essential oil use.


A Community: Get tips, learn insider secrets

Get your questions answered, receive ongoing support, and celebrate your achievements in our private Facebook Group community, The EO Transformation Tribe!


Cheat Sheets for Busy Women

An accompaniment to my best-selling book, Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils, this essential oil library contains Video Demos and Cheat-Sheets, including the popular Which Essential Oils Are in My Purse? eBook.


Hormone Balancing Guide [Video]

My favorite subject!  When you get access to my Essential Oil Hormone Library, another accompaniment to my Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils.  Learn how to temper hot flashes, fatigue, mood swings and more with these how-to demonstrations.


Secrets Experts Use at Home

I interviewed 3 of the top Essential Oil Experts in the field, and you will get exclusive access!  Hear from Laura Jacobs, Katherine Miller and Veronique deSaulnier about how essential oils benefit their lives.

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  • 4 Bonuses Valued at More Than $200
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

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What if I am highly sensitive (skin / immune / digestive / etc.?)

I’m working with a doctor already on my (my kids’) health challenges, will Essential Oils conflict with my doctor’s orders?

What if I have an adverse reaction to the oils?

Safely Create a Toxin-Free Kitchen, Medicine Cabinet and Home.
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