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These additional resources are designed to help you jump start your hormonal health.  I'm thrilled to share them with you - enjoy! 

Essential Oil Hormone eBooks

Brain Fog Be Gone

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5 Ways to Banish Sugar Cravings

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Top 11 Supplements for Hormone Balance

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Balance Hormones in Your Purse

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Top 5 Thought Leader Interviews from the Essential Oil Hormone Summit

Dr. Mariza Snyder

Reset Your Hormones to Lose Weight Naturally

In this interview, Dr. Mariza Snyder uncovers the #1 hormone involved in hormone-driven weight resistance and shares her secrets about how to reset your hormones to lose weight naturally.

Bridgit Danner

How to Detox Your Hormones

Bridgit Danner shares how by doing one or two little toxic reducing tweaks, you can make little changes that really add up and remove the toxins from your life.

Li Fryling

Shattering Glass Ceilings : Using Oils to Support Powerful Transformations

Li Fryling Shares how to take control of your life and shatter the glass ceilings in your path to create a life of possibilities, not limits.

Dr. Melissa Esguerra

Healing Your Thyroid and Gut With Essential Oils

Dr. Melissa Esguerra shares how essential oils can work to improve your thyroid health naturally.

Jen Inchiostro

Love Your Liver for Optimal Hormone Balance

Jen Inchiostro shares how taking proper care of your liver will support your whole body health.

Detox Recipe & Demo Videos

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Unwind Diffuser Blend

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