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Is Your Home Filled With High-Quality Essential Oils?

If not - I can help you fix that!  While the purpose of this webinar is to educate on essential oils, so many people have asked me recently which brand of oils I use, and how they can get some into their hands.  While I'll be educating on oil techniques and blends that you can use with any brand, if you'd like to know which brand I prefer, click here.

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My newest book, The Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils, is the ultimate guide to introducing essential oils into your home!  Packed with hundreds of practical, holistic solutions, this complete guide covers the most fundamental applications, from creating non-toxic homemade cleaners to relieving common joint and muscle fatigue.

It includes recipes for everyday emergencies and on-the-go solutions, while other recipes aim to enhance individual mood, hormones, sleep, and weight.  I provide a Top 25 Oil List with the most common usage, and dilutions for kids of every age.  It's time to EMPOWER yourself and take control of your family's healthcare!  When you buy today, you'll get 15 FREE Bonuses.  Get it now!

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