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I’m SO grateful for all of you who have tuned in over the last few years, and this podcast has become such a MASSIVE help for millions of women!

With over 500 episodes on deck, we want to help even more women find the tools they need to rock their hormones, feel great in their bodies again, and become the CEO of their health.

And the gold standard for spreading the word is with reviews on iTunes!

As a “thank you” for helping to share the podcast with more women, I’m giving away over $500 in prizes*, including:

  • Apple AirPod Pro ($249 value)
  • Women's Complete Hormone-Balancing Kit ($185.27 Value)
  • Women's Daily Essentials Kit + The Essential Oils Menopause Solution ($82.74 Value)

ALL entries will get a FREE digital guide: Top 11 Supplements for Hormones.

* Only US Residents Eligible for Physical Prizes.

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Apple AirPods Pro ($250 Value)

Take the Essentially You podcast with you anywhere with these AirPods! These are our favorites for listening while working, walking, cooking, and doing life.


Women's Complete Hormone-Balancing Kit ($185.27 Value)

This kit contains essential supplements that every woman needs for daily hormone health!
Magnesium Restore and Activated B Complete are 2 daily must-haves, and Hormone Balance, DIM Complete, and Progest-Restore are my go-tos for all things hormone support!


Women's Daily Essentials Kit + The Essential Oils Menopause Solution ($82.74 value)

Set yourself up for health all season long with this incredible bundle! Along with a copy of my bestselling book, The Essential Oils Menopause Solution, I’m giving you Activated B Complete and Magnesium Restore—critical nutrients for optimizing your hormone health and staying healthy!

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